Toni is a former educator who spent the majority of her teaching years trying her best to instill a love of the Spanish language, and Latino/a culture and literature in the hearts of Middle students in both private and public schools in Maryland and Texas.

A lifelong reader and writer, she also has a passion for the rescue of senior and special needs dogs – and has had the privilege, honor, and joy of having been the chosen human for as many as twelve of those most in need at a time.

In addition to crafting manuscripts that she hopes will someday all make it to print and thousands of bookcase and / or e-shelves, she has reviewed writings for Texas Dogs & Cats Magazine and was a regular contributor of ongoing columns (Off the Shelf, Open-Minded Musings, and Gone to the Dogs) to several small-town semi-local newspapers in the surrounding San Antonio area.

When she isn’t writing, Toni can be found exploring new settings for future manuscripts with her wife, Cyndi. She collects bookmarks, Maryland memorabilia, replicas of lighthouses she visits – and dust if she sits in one place too long.